Limited Edition Centennial Star- Holly and Ivy (Copper)

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Centennial Star Copper Collection | 1 of 100

Celebrating 100 years of Wendell August Forge, the Limited Edition Centennial Star Collection in Copper commemorates a century of American craftsmenship. Each is handcrafted using centuries old techniques and meticulously adorned with Austrian crystals. This once-in-a-lifetime collection will be passed down for generations.

The Holly and Ivy Centennial Star is an artistically symbolic contrast of death (the thorns and red berries of holly are said to represent Jesus' crown of thorns and blood) and rebirth (in the verdant ivy). The beauty inherent in such duality is highlighted by the crystals' rainbow fire.

Material: Copper and Crystals
Dimensions: 6" x 4.5"
SKU: 61854139