Waterfall 5 x 7 Matte Aluminum Picture Frame

Designer Photo Frame Made in USA | Wendell August Forge

Celebrate the graduate and business associates with a gift that will be special for a lifetime. The Waterfall Desk Frame from Wendell August is the kind of desktop accessory you will cherish forever.

The surface is the Waterfall Design; it is uniquely Wendell August. The aluminum is carefully hand-hammered with a very small peen then brought to a high shine finish. The result is the shimmery visual effect, rightfully named Waterfall. The frame itself is a strong setting which shows the fine pattern and sets a wide frame to hold a favored photo.

Each Waterfall Desk Frame is handmade and therefore unique. In addition, because it is made by Wendell August, it was made right here in the USA. And each piece comes with its own special gift box. Celebrate the professional, or professional in the making, with a gift to be enjoyed forever. It’s the Waterfall Desk Frame from Wendell August.

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