Evergreen Coaster - Bronze


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Special moments in life are appropriate for finishing touches that make them that much more memorable. The Evergreen Coaster is one of those finishing touches. Our coaster caddies, appropriately made of wood, can hold them on an end table or coffee table. Alternatively, spread them out around your living room so each table is accented by its beauty, each guest gets a glimpse, and each has the opportunity to use them. Yes, that is right. Although you may feel a little guilty putting a glass on them, they are a functional piece that can not be harmed by a moisture ring, unlike that oak table.
Every Evergreen Coaster exhibits the artisan mastery used by our die engravers over 50 years ago when this design was originally cut into steel. We have brought that same steel die out of the die vault specifically for this run of Evergreen pieces, and we make them by hand, in the USA, with pride. Order your Evergreen Coaster today. We'll send it in a handsome gift box that is ready to be given, or to store the piece until you are ready to use it.
Material: Bronze
Dimensions: 4 1/2 Inches
SKU: 23431005