Your Latest Fall Fashion Accessories

Sep 19th 2015

Admit it. You can already taste the sweet sensation of a freshly picked honey crisp apple. You have fantasized about the soft prickle of a flannel button-up shirt, or the cozy comfort of an oversized pullover.  You can already smell those pumpkin-spice lattes, and it's probably because you just finished the last of one an hour ago. We get it.  Fall is pretty cool.  But if you really want to make the most of the season, put your best foot forward in the looks department and capitalize on that fall fashion. New York fashion week was last week, folks.  By all standards, you now have full permission to bust out your best earth-toned ensembles and hit the downtown with a splash.  Even the weather has cooled down to accommodate for those cardigans. Oh, and by the way, while you are piecing together the perfect fall-outing ensemble, mind if we throw in an accessory suggestion? It's called the "Upcycled Traverse Collection," new from Wendell August. The collection features many pieces including necklaces, bracelets, and rings made with lightweight bands of aluminum that are formed and hammered into unique, avante-garde shapes. xl_1UPCYTRABR_-_TRAVERSE_BRACELET xl_1UPCYTRARG_-TRAVERSE_RINGxl_LUPAYTRANK-Traverse-Necklace-CUAccessories are an absolute must to complete any outfit.  But don't play it safe with any stereotypical piece that everyone and their mom is wearing.  Be bold and daring with these urban, but still rustic designs. They are stunning new pieces designed to add that final "wow-factor" to any ensemble and serve as the perfect addition to your fall fashion accessories collection.  These pieces do not disappoint. The best part?  The entire Upcycled Collection recycles excess metal from our giftware assortments by reinventing and transforming them into new pieces of jewelry. The Upcycled Traverse Necklace has been handcrafted in our Jewelry Studio located in Pennsylvania.  Check out the making-of video below: The Upcycled Collection from Wendell August on Vimeo.   Here's a link to the entire collection: Upcycled Collection Give us a shout out on Instagram (@wendellaugust1923) or Facebook (/wendellaugust) if you pair one (or more) of these designs with one of your favorite fall outfits.  We would love to see! xl_Traverse_HORIZ058_1