Why NFL Christmas Ornaments Sets Make Great Gifts

Why NFL Christmas Ornaments Sets Make Great Gifts

Posted by Samantha Crawley on Sep 13th 2019

Christmas is a time for giving and celebrating with family and friends. Part of the fun of celebrating is decorating the house for the holiday season. It allows each family to be able to show off part of its personality, what makes them a family of unique individuals, all with different favorites.

One thing that many people in America like is football and they like to celebrate that all year long. This is especially true around the holidays.

Think about it, the holidays fall right in the best part of the NFL season, just weeks before the playoffs begin and the quest for the Super Bowl starts. In that time more than ever, fans want to show support for their favorite team. It’s why we see so many houses lit up with lights that reflect team colors, inflatables on the lawn that represent fandom, signs, and banners in the windows and Christmas trees and houses decorated with ornaments showcasing your favorite team.

At Wendell August Forge, have your tree all decked out with team spirit by purchasing NFL Christmas ornaments sets for all of the football fanatics in your life who want to show their support for their favorite team. Wendell August Forge ornaments have a reputation for being made with care and quality. Ornaments are able to be personalized too, and that can make them a very special gift.

Here are a few reasons why personalized ornaments make such a great gift.

They are Memorable – At Wendell August Forge, our ornaments aren’t just made with quality, they are made to last a lifetime. NFL Christmas ornaments sets already show that you care about your team. Make it even more personal by having your name placed across the ornament. You can have your family name be on the ornaments or personalize each one to specific members of the family who feel like they are a part of the team.

A Unique Gift – There are millions of football fans across the country and they all have a favorite team. There may not be much unique about NFL Christmas ornament sets on the surface, but with a little bit of personalization and the special craftsmanship you get with Wendell August Forge, you get a truly unique gift that can become a special part of your home and family.

Great for Any Occasion – Who says Christmas ornaments are just for the holiday season? If you’re a football fan, you may want to have your ornaments out for the entire season or maybe even the entire year. As gifts, you don’t have to wait for Christmas to give an ornament. They make great gifts for birthdays, graduations, weddings and more. Personalized items are always great gifts for any occasion.

They are Thoughtful – If you are looking for some wow factor in your gift giving, consider a gift that is thoughtful and actually considers the interests and favorites of the recipient. Maybe your first time hanging out as friends was while watching a game. Maybe you met at a Super Bowl party. Maybe you have gone to tailgates together for the last five seasons. Or maybe you’re not a fan but someone in your life is and that will help strengthen the connection between the two of you. Whatever it is, it is much more thoughtful to give a gift that helps define the person receiving it.

More Choices – There are many different styles of ornaments that look great in a home. Outside of NFL Christmas ornaments sets, we also have coasters that are branded with your favorite team logo. With these items coming in many different styles, there is something for every occasion and just another way to make it more personal.

The ornaments and other timeless works from Wendell August Forge are all hand-crafted by artisans in Pennsylvania. Wendell August Forge is the oldest in the country, having been around and creating elegant pieces for nearly a century.

Give a gift with value and feel the weights of rare metals that are forged from the earth and crafted into masterpieces. All of our pieces are hand-etched with an original design and then hand-wrought using an eight-step process rooted in ancient metalworking techniques.

We take pride in the work we do and the craftsmanship of our products and want these pieces to celebrate life and your favorite moments and things. Every piece we make has its own story. Each piece is unique in some way, and each piece is a celebration of our craft, a celebration of the nearly 100 years of custom creations and timeless works of art.

Get your special gift for that special person in your life and order from Wendell August Forge today. These products truly stand the test of time and will never go out of style.