Wholesale Partners: See the New Must-Have Gift

Jul 24th 2013

Santas Magic Key

Wendell August has spent 90 years handcrafting family heirlooms cherished by generations. Now, we have taken a leap into the imagination of a child with The Magic Christmas Key, creating the must-have gift of the season, and your next family tradition. Beautifully written and illustrated, the book and key are meant to both excite a child’s wonder, but also create a family tradition that parents, grandparents, and all family members will cherish. Santa’s Magic Key is meant to be placed on the front door on Christmas Eve, to ensure Santa’s arrival. In the morning, it will be found on the tree, confirming Santa made it inside, despite any obstacle. The book, written by Leann Smith and Illustrated by Kip Richmond, is a story that inspires the soul. The book’s main character, Andy, believes in Christmas, and encouraged by his grandfather, begins a marvelous adventure that starts with the gift of Santa’s Magic Key. His papa asks Andy to keep the key safe. But Andy, in spite of good intentions, allows the Magic Key to get into the hands of others. The fun loving chaos that ensues requires Andy to be honest and brave, leading him to Santa Claus himself. Andy learns that indeed, All Things Are Possible When You Believe. This 1st edition 10”x10” hardcover book and beautiful pewter key are showcased in a fun keepsake box. If bought in increments of 12, they will come in a functional display box, making them perfect for gift stores of any size. Thanks to our friends at Pine Tree Publishing, other complementary products are available, including a letter straight from Santa, and Rufus, Andy’s fun-loving dog.
Enjoy the magic of the holidays with The Magic Christmas Key, and make this a tradition you’ll treasure forever.