Wholesale Orders are Shipped – Now What?

Apr 3rd 2012

Wendell August is pleased to announce that retailers across the country are now receiving Wendell August merchandise. Our Wholesale Partner program is coming to fruition, and soon, people who have never known us will be displaying our products in their homes. We couldn't be more pleased. When someone can see and hold a Wendell August piece in their hands, more times than not the products sells itself. After all, they are beautifully handcrafted, one by one, with American artisan pride. We also know that retailers need some help getting people to the store to see these products, and knowing the story behind product produced can definitely add value, and push a potential buyer to becoming a customer. For these reasons, we've created have introduced the Wholesale Toolbox. Harnessing the suite of information and materials in the Wholesale Toolbox empowers our partners. They can speak to the rich history of Wendell August that has transpired over nearly 80 years, and the 100% American made craftsmanship and the handcrafted production process that ensures each piece is just a little bit unique. Also included are beautiful photographs that can be used in advertising, and product sheets showing the collection for merchandising on the floor. It is our job to provide what is needed to help our partners sell, and we believe this is a huge leap in providing selling support. We are not done. We will continue to add to these materials, and provide a level of service unmatched in the wholesale industry. If you are a Wholesale Partner, and have a need for information and materials that are not met by the Wholesale Toolbox, let us know. We will make every effort to put the right tools in your hand.