What is a QR Code???

Sep 1st 2011

[caption id="attachment_442" align="alignleft" width="200" caption="QR Code for Wendell August's eCatalog"]QR Code for Wendell August's eCatalog[/caption] You've probably been seeing these funny looking symbols lately, and been wondering "what is that"!? They're everywhere. You're seeing them on electronics price tags in Walmart, business cards, company logo'd vehicles, Fox News was using them on TV during political debates, they are on people's t-shirts, and if you picked up the latest catalog from Wendell August, you saw them there too. So again, what are they and why should you care about them? Well they are QR Codes, which stands for Quick Response Code. Simply put, they are just an easy way to take someone to a specific webpage when they are not at their computer, but do have their mobile phone or tablet handy. Without using a QR Code, we can give you a website address like this... https://www.wendellaugust.com/page/catalog ...but then you have to first remember it. Then you need to type it in when you get home, and, of course, not make any mistakes when doing so or else you'll not get the right page. QR Codes avoid the frustration, and save you time. You simply scan the code and voila - You're there now and can get back there later. [caption id="attachment_441" align="alignleft" width="200" caption="QR Code for Wendell August's Facebook Page"]QR Code for Wendell August's Facebook Page[/caption] So how can you use QR Codes? Well, you need to have a phone that allows you to download Apps, like a Droid, or have a tablet, like the iPad. To no surprise, both Apple and Droids have built their own QR Scanners and are free to download. Once you have a QR Scanner, open the application, open it up, and scan a code. After it reads the code it will display the link to the webpage, and then you just hit "go" or "open" and you are on your way to that webpage without having to type a single thing. Pretty cool!

Below is a video that shows someone using Google's barcode reader to scan a QR Code... QR Codes are not one of those fads that may not gain popularity. People thought they might be a year or two back, but those in "the know" have already changed their opinions. By the end of the year there will be more smart phone users and tablet owners then people with traditional cell phones. Cell phone users already out number house phones. Knowing these two important factors, it is clear that most people are carrying the necessary tool to use QR Codes, smart phones, and the fact of the matter is that they are truly useful to you and businesses alike. See a TV you like in the store? Scan it's QR Code. The manufacturer will have tons of information about it sent right to your smart phone. Would rather read the eCatalog on your tablet rather than on paper? Scan the eCatalog QR Code above, or on the order form of our catalog, and you can do just that. Expect to see more of these showing up everywhere you look, including at Wendell August. Now go get your QR Scanner and reap the benefits!