Wendell August Releases Running Mates – The 2011 Annual Plate

Jul 5th 2011

See the latest creation of the artisan duo of Wendell August and Richard Bollinger [caption id="attachment_352" align="alignleft" width="284" caption="Bollinger's masterpiece Running Mates - The original piece of art for the 2011 Annual Plate"][/caption] Running Mates - What was Bollinger referring to when titling this piece? Is it the sleigh and its miniaturized counterpart the sled. Was it the snowman, and the little ones that made him before mounting the slopes just a short while ago? Only Mr. Bollinger knows for sure, but to no matter what his intent was, the outcome speaks for itself. In this scene you find a lovely country home, made of stone and surrounded by a wooden fence. The quaint little barn out back undoubtedly holds a horse or two to pull the sleigh. Just seeing the sleigh covered in snow sparks imagery of St.Nicholas. Maybe it's Christmas Day, and all the kids are inside opening up their presents. That make sense; with a close inspection you can see that this snow is fresh and still falling. You know the kids would still be out playing if it weren't for the events of Christmas Day. That is what is beautiful about a Bollinger piece. There is so much to take in. Each piece, when you take the time to really look into it, tells a story. You never see anyone come from his brush strokes, yet you seem to almost know the families that inhabit the scenes he has brought to us. It is no surprise that we are honored to work with Richard. The 2011 Annual Plate is marvelous. Continue your tradition or start a new one. Let Bollinger's brushstrokes, frozen in bronze and pewter, tell a story to your family and the guests of your home with Running Mates. Richard bollinger bio