Wendell August Makes Fox News

Feb 14th 2011

As many of you already know, and others will now learn, Wendell August Forge has a rich heritage they were extremely proud of and dedicated to maintaining as our company evolves. However, it hasn't always been peaches n' cream. We too have been impacted by the recent economy, and in recessions of the past, but last year we were impacted by something that could very well have taken our company under; our Flagship store, which also served as our main manufacturing facility was devastated by a raging fire, but through the strength of our employees and the love from our community we were able to rise up from the ashes. Fox News has put together a wonderful segment about our rebound from what could very well have been a tragedy to our historic forge. Take a look at the video (after the short commercial)... If you have the time check out the full write up on the fox news website. Fox did a great job, and we really could not be more thankful to their team, especially Alex DeGroff and Laura Ingle who really believed in our story and pushed to bring it to the nation.