TrueHand<Font Size=1><Sup>TM</Sup></Font> – A Revolution in Personalization

Apr 7th 2011

[caption id="attachment_261" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Heart and Vine Plate with True Hand Engraving"]Heart and Vine Plate with True Hand Engraving[/caption] There are two things we all know about Mother’s Day gifts.  First, whatever it is, Mom will love it.  It’s one of a million things that make each person’s mom special.  Second, whatever we give her, Mom will have a place for it in her home and her heart. This year, Wendell August is breaking new ground in a revolutionary new way to give a personalized gift. Traditionally, if you wanted to personalize a gift you would specify lines of text that you wanted us to engrave into the Wendell August piece you are purchasing. Unlike many other personalized gift companies that merely scratch your message into the surface of the piece, Wendell would mill the metal right out of it, making it look as if our designers had the recipient in mind. Traditionally, this put us in a class above the rest in terms of personalized gifts. We are upping the standards once more with a game changer - TrueHand<Font Size=1><Sup>TM</Sup></Font>. What is TrueHand<Font Size=1><Sup>TM</Sup></Font>? It is like combining our best in class personalization with a hand written card for Mom. But rather than your mother displaying the card for a week and stuffing into a drawer, the message is milled into our Heart and Vine plate in your very own hand writing! It is personalization true to your hand - It's TrueHand<Font Size=1><Sup>TM</Sup></Font>. As a twist to this style of personalization, outlines are also possible. Have a new addition to the family? Outline their hand prints, and we'll preserve them forever in this beautiful plate this Mother's Day. Most of us have come upon one of Mom’s memories from the past.  So often it was a memento that had been signed by one or more of her children.  Those signatures were captured forever, even if whatever it had been signed on was less than permanent.   Now comes a gift which not only lasts forever, but is beautiful, will be proudly displayed, but most importantly contains a message, your message in your hand, which will always harken back to the day Mom received it. The Heart and Vine Plate with TrueHand<Font Size=1><Sup>TM</Sup></Font> engraving is available online and in our retail locations. It is easy to get one of your own. We'll give you a template, you write your message in the template, and give it back to us. We'll engrave it for you. It's that simple. This is a personalized gift will last, be displayed, and be cherished forever. Ask Mom what she thinks that is worth. We're only asking a mere $29.95. Mom deserves it, doesn’t she? Get Your Mom A Gift That Lasts Forever this Mothers Day