New Additions to Upcycled Jewelry – UpCycled Hearts

Jan 27th 2011

[caption id="attachment_24" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="UpCycled Hearts"]New line of green products from Wendell August[/caption] Since it originally debuted in the late September of 2010, our UpCycled Jewelry Collection has been a big hit, and we are really excited to let everyone know that new designs are here.  Upcycled Hearts is a new line, designed by Wendell August’s own craftswoman Emily Hendrie, and needless to say we could not be more proud to have her in the Wendell August family. Our UpCycled line  is a sign of the times changing. We are evolving with them… Businesses small and large have to be more environmentally conscious, and we strongly believe in that. Unused material that in yesteryears would have just been wasted is now resurrected and turned into beautiful green jewelry. Wendell August is no longer JUST your mother’s store, and UpCycled Hearts is a testament to that statement. This jewelry crosses generations, and can be worn by anyone from teens to the retiree. Unlike anything Wendell has made before, our stunning aluminum is complemented by clear and rose quartz. Each piece can be worn alone or can be layered with other pieces from the line. Like any Wendell August Product, no two pieces of the UpCycled Hearts Jewelry is exactly alike. Come and see UpCycled Hearts online or in any of our retail stores today!