Make Fall Entertaining a Breeze

Oct 28th 2014

The summer is officially over, and life is beginning to settle in to the rhythm of fall. The timing is perfect for getting together with friends and enjoying a laid-back party before the busyness of the holiday season begins for our families.  Here’s a cheat sheet for pulling together a stress-free fall party. autumn-hero-2013 Decorate with Ease Fall-themed party décor can be amazingly simple and definitely does not have to break the bank. Bring in some natural elements for centerpieces, such as pinecones, brightly colored leaves, or a bowl full of citrus fruits or pomanders.   Choose linens in rich fall colors, like burnt orange or plum, and pull it all together with serving pieces with a leaf motif.  Candles in seasonal scents help set the mood for any gathering. Select Seasonal Food Serve dishes with distinctly fall flavors, such as pasta featuring butternut squash or pumpkin quesadillas.  Alternatively, simply offer up comfort food favorites like chicken pot pie or chili with cornbread.  Either option invites people to cozy up to the table and savor a great meal together. Recruit Some Help To simplify your preparation – and make it more interesting – ask your guest to bring their favorite fall comfort side or dessert. Be sure to have plastic baggies or containers, so that you can send your guests home with some leftover treats! Opt for a Signature Fall Cocktail For fun, you can center the adult refreshments on a cocktail with a decidedly “fall” mood.   Caramel appletinis or pumpkin martinis make obvious choices.  The classic Manhattan is also a recommended drink for the fall season. Create a Fall Playlist A quick internet search provides dozens of autumn themed songs, covering just about every musical genre.   Pull together an eclectic fall playlist to both create the mood and have something for everyone.  Choose from disco (“Autumn Changes,” by Donna Summer), indie (“Autumn Sweater,” by Yo La Tengo), folk (“Country Road,” by James Taylor),  jazz (“Autumn in New York,” Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong; “Autumn Leaves,” Nat King Cole),  English rock (“Forever Autumn,” Moody Blues; “Autumn Almanac,” Kinks), psychedelic (“Autumn Shade,” The Vines), classic rock (“When the Leaves from Falling Down,” Van Morrison), and more. Capture the Memories Fall has been called the “fleeting season,” as its pageantry passes so quickly. Make sure you celebrate this special moment by capturing the memories with a fun photo app, such as Pocketbooth.  If you have a photo printer, send guests home with copies of their favorite silly faces, or email them copies a few days later, along with a personal note of thanks. Relax and Enjoy! See how easy it can be to easily and quickly put together a fall party plan? Just follow these simple tips and revel in fall fun with friends.