Mar 2nd 2011

Own a piece of American History - Thistle from Wendell August [caption id="attachment_170" align="alignleft" width="284" caption="Celebrating a new beginning, Wendell August is releasing 100 limited edition Thistle trays this Sunday March 6th, 2011. Known as The Tray that Launched a Business, these are the first trays being produced from the original die created over  80 years ago! "]Thistle Introduction[/caption] As the snow continues to fall in Pennsylvania, we approach the month of March with great faith in the coming of spring (hopefully very soon!). Spring always reminds me of new beginnings and new life; Flowers blooming, the birds singing, and the sun shining.  New beginnings… The early part of March marks a new beginning and an exciting new chapter at Wendell August, one we celebrate with our traditional nod to our heritage and focus on the future.  March 6th is the one-year anniversary of our fire, and, as has been mentioned in our blog, marks the last day we will be selling our commemorative ornaments and plate, Rising from the Ashes. An exciting announcement I’d like to share, on March 6th, 2011, nearly 82 years after the initial introduction of this pivotal work, we are introducing a limited edition tray, Thistle. This tray, referred to as The Tray that Launched a Business, signals the beginning of what we believe to be an exciting new future for Wendell August. What is so unique about Thistle is that it is THE Thistle tray and not a reproduction. It is actually being hammered out from the very same die used to create the first Thistle trays over 80 years ago! It is the first tray that actually launched our business and was originally created by our founder Wendell August and his blacksmiths as gifts to a handful of ALCOA executives in the early 1930’s to commemorate the completion of Alcoa's Aluminum Research Laboratory (read the full story behind Thistle). The significance of the thistle is important to Wendell August as we celebrate our recovery and rising from the ashes.  In Scottish tradition, the thistle is said to symbolize tenacity, determination and hardiness even in the face of long odds and extreme hardship.  Thanks to these traits, embodied by the wonderful employees of Wendell August and the community that surrounds our flagship, we have recovered from the long odds and extreme hardship.  In celebration, Wendell August is proud to release this limited and historic edition of Thistle. An exciting new chapter in the life of Wendell August beckons March 6th. Join in this excitement as we re-introduce The Tray that Launched a Business, The Thistle, and retire Rising from the Ashes.  Be aware, this is a limited edition, numbered series, with only 100 being made. Each tray will have its number engraved into the back of the tray. We honor our past and we spring forward with great design, American craftsmanship and ingenuity, and a profound optimism.  Thanks for beginning this new chapter with us!