10 Friendship Christmas Ornament Ideas

10 Friendship Christmas Ornament Ideas

Posted by Erin Lewis on Apr 9th 2023

Christmas is all about making memories with the ones we love. And when you’re buying festive gifts, you want to make sure that you buy something your loved ones will value and treasure. To help you pick the right gifts this festive season, here’s a selection of our favorite Christmas friendship ornaments.

1. 1923 Wavy Bowl

If you’re looking for a Christmas gift with meaning, this bowl should be on your shopping list. Elegant and timeless, this bronze bowl is part of our exclusive 1923 Collection. The collection celebrates everything that has made us special over the last 100 years, and your friend can be a part of our celebrations with this statement piece.

2. Expressions Personalized Heart Ornament

Personalized friendship Christmas ornaments are a timeless way to show how much you care. A personalized heart ornament can add some sparkle to your friend’s home, dress up a window, or adorn a Christmas tree. Buy this handcrafted ornament and give your friend a truly memorable gift.

3. Birthstone Ornament

Birthstone ornaments make a thoughtful gift year round, but especially at Christmas time. These ornaments can be hung on Christmas trees or displayed around the house, making them a perfect Christmas friendship ornament.

Whether your friend was born in December or any other month, we have 12 stunning ornaments to show off every birthstone.

4. Personalized Star Tree Topper

If there’s one ornament that matters on a Christmas tree, it’s the topper. Make your friend’s tree stand out this year with a personalized topper they can use every festive season. Personalize it with their first name or family name – whatever they’ll appreciate most.

5. Pine Cone Bowl

Neutral and subtle, this bowl looks perfect on any table or mantelpiece year round. Bring a touch of nature into your friend’s home and buy them this pine cone bowl they can cherish and admire.

6. Monogram Initial Ornament

What better way to celebrate your friend at Christmas than with a personalized ornament in a beautiful presentation box? You can tie it to another gift or present it as a friendship Christmas tree ornament. It’s versatile enough to be whatever type of gift you want it to be.

7. Monogram Initial Coaster

Does your friend love tea or coffee? Show them how much you know their tastes by purchasing this aluminum coaster. Not only does it make a stunning friendship ornament for Christmas, but it’s something they can use no matter what time of the year it is.

8. Phone Holder

Practical and beautiful, this handcrafted phone holder makes an eye-catching addition to your friend’s home. It makes a great friendship ornament, at Christmas or any other time of the year.

Personalize this aluminum ornament with your friend’s first initial to make this gift extra special.

9. 2023 Heart of Christmas Ornament

If you’re searching for a friendship Christmas tree ornament, look no further than our 2023 Heart of Christmas decoration. Designed to celebrate love and friendship, this unique annual ornament shows your friend just how much they mean to you.

10. Pinecone Berry Globe

This classy and sophisticated globe light can brighten any mantelpiece. Subtle and warm, this globe will make your friend’s room glow. While the globes come in different sizes, this 6” option is versatile enough to stand beautifully alone or surrounded by other ornaments.

What Makes a Good Christmas Friendship Ornament?

When you’re looking for a unique friendship Christmas ornament, it’s not about how much you spend. It’s about the thought you put into the gift. A good Christmas friend ornament is:

  • Timeless: The best ornaments look beautiful when they’re displayed each year – they don’t play to trends.
  • Unique: Just as your friend is one-of-a-kind, they deserve a unique and special gift.
  • Thoughtful: Buying the right ornament shows how well you truly know your friends. They’ll appreciate the thought you put into their gift.

How Do You Choose Friendship Ornaments for Christmas?

It’s not always easy to buy Christmas gifts – even for those you know well. Here are some tips for buying the right festive presents for your best friends.

  • If your friend has a hobby, such as cooking, buy them an ornament they can display and use on the right occasion.
  • Personalize the ornament with your friend’s name to ensure they feel valued and special.
  • Buy something memorable. Go for friendship Christmas tree ornaments that your friend can hang on their tree each year.

Buy Unique Friendship Christmas Ornaments at Wendell August Forge

At Wendell August Forge, we know your loved ones deserve the best. That’s why we have a range of friendship Christmas ornaments to suit every budget and taste. Whether you’re buying for a new friend or your best friend of many years, you’ll find the perfect festive gift here.

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