Gift Guide: 6 Best Dad Ornament Ideas

Gift Guide: 6 Best Dad Ornament Ideas

Posted by Wendell August Forge on Jun 13th 2023

Buying gifts for dads can be tricky, but you can’t go wrong with a beautiful, handcrafted gift like an ornament. Christmas ornaments are sentimental, thoughtful, and easy to store all year round. The sensible dad in your life is sure to appreciate it.

When it comes to the best dad ornaments for Christmas, Wendall August has you covered. With hand-crafted, American-made ornaments, you’re sure to find something your dad will love this holiday season.

We’ve gathered up the most popular Christmas ornament ideas for your dad to spark inspiration and find him a gift he’s sure to love.

1. Best Dad Ever Ornaments

There are a lot of ornaments to choose from for your dad, but you can’t go wrong with a classic “Best Dad” Christmas ornament. Keep it classic with an ornament that simply says “Best Dad,” or customize your ornament with a photo or a small block of text that lays out all the reasons you think he’s the best.

Don’t wait to tell your loved ones how you feel. A personal touch like a photo or a small poem can add a lot to the gift and show your dad how much you care. A classic “World’s Best Dad” ornament is a great way to remind your dad every year that he’s the best.

2. Ornaments for the Sports Lover

What dad doesn’t love spending a Sunday watching football? Wendall August has a large collection of sports-related gifts. No list of best dad ornament ideas would be complete without sports team ornaments.

Whether he’s an NFL lover or still roots for his college team, you’re sure to find an ornament to help your dad show off his team pride. Shop our collection of NFL and college sports gifts for an ornament that shows your dad’s team spirit.

3. Food and Drink Ornaments

When it comes to making a list of the best dad ornament ideas, you can’t leave out the food and drink-related gift ideas. From ornaments showing off his love of beer or whisky to gifts that show off his love of a good grill, you’re sure to find something that speaks directly to the food and drinks your dad appreciates most.

You can get creative with these ornaments and gifts; pair an ornament about his love of bourbon with a barware gift set that he can use all year round.

4. Ornaments for the Outdoorsman

If your dad loves the great outdoors, no list of best dad ornament ideas would be complete without a gift that shows his love for planet Earth. Whether he loves hiking, camping, or fishing, help him show his hobby on the Christmas tree year after year.

If you take family trips with your dad each year, use an ornament at Christmas to commemorate the trip and the time you spent together. You can even customize the ornament to show the year and where you went so you can preserve the memory and revisit the good times every time you decorate your tree.

5. Celebrating Furry Friends

Pets are called man’s best friend for a reason, and they shouldn’t be left out of the holiday celebrations. If your dad is known for being best buds with your family pet, give him a gift that celebrates their friendship.

Ornaments celebrating pets come in lots of shapes and sizes. Create an ornament that shows off their photo, or add their name to a classic paw-print design.

6. Family First Ornaments

Christmas is a time for families to come together, and decorating the tree together is a cherished tradition for many. Commemorate this time together by giving your dad an ornament that celebrates family and tradition.

Whether this is his first Christmas as a dad or his kids are all grown, ornaments that feature the family all together are always a hit on the list of best dad ornament ideas. You can add photos, names, birthdays, and even the year of his first Christmas officially as a dad.

Create a custom milestone ornament commemorating a special event throughout the year.

Find the Perfect Gift for Dad

No matter what your dad loves most, there’s an ornament out there for every interest. Browse our collection of gifts and ornaments for your dad today to show him you care this holiday season.