10 Best Christmas Tree Ornament Ideas for 2023

10 Best Christmas Tree Ornament Ideas for 2023

Posted by Erin Lewis on Apr 9th 2023

Decorating the Christmas tree is a fun and exciting activity you can enjoy with the whole family. It’s a time to bring everyone together and express your personality through decor.

Choosing the right ornaments, though, can seem daunting. To help, we’ve compiled 10 of our favorite Christmas tree ornament ideas for your tree in 2023.

1. 2023 Heart of Christmas Annual Ornament

The best Christmas tree ornaments celebrate what Christmas is all about. Love.

Our 2023 Annual Ornament is designed to celebrate love in all its forms to remind us what we should cherish most. Choose it as a decorative gift for loved ones, or hang it on your own tree to serve as a reminder of what matters this festive season.

2. Snow Crystal Poinsettia Ornament

The poinsettia symbolizes everything we love about Christmas – mirth, good spirit, and community. This snow crystal ornament will add a touch of fun and sparkle to your 2023 Christmas tree, and it comes beautifully presented should you wish to make a gift of it instead.

3. Angel of Harmony Ornament

No Christmas tree is complete without an angel decoration. Our stunning, heavenly angel decoration is handcrafted so no two pieces are alike – just as every Christmas tree is unique. Add her to your decor collection today.

4. Limited Edition Centennial Star

If we’re thinking about the best ornaments for a Christmas tree, a star decoration is a natural fit. Designed to celebrate 100 years of Wendell August Forge, this 10th (and final) Centennial Celebration ornament is a little piece of history hanging on your tree.

There are only 1,000 of these in bronze and 5,000 in aluminum, so get yours today.

5. Personalized Nutcracker Stocking Ornament

Whether it’s a gift for a loved one or you’re personalizing your own tree, this handcrafted stocking ornament suits every Christmas tree. Build memories – buy one for every member of your family and hang them time and time again.

6. Hand-Blown Glass Ornament

The best Christmas tree ornaments are timeless. This classy ball ornament fits the description. It adds a touch of color and fun to your tree, and you can hang it year after year. Sure to become a much-loved ornament, this hand-blown decoration should be on your Christmas list.

7. Scripture Scroll Ornament

These handcrafted scroll ornaments can be used to spread positive and loving messages around your home. They make perfect ornaments on your tree – they catch the eye and encourage people to look closer. Choose from one of four affirming messages, or buy the whole set.

8. Vintage Nativity 6-Piece Ornament Set

Tell the story of Christmas with this vintage 6-piece ornament set. Made from recycled aluminum, these ornaments depict the Nativity story. They add a touch of warmth and comfort to any 2023 Christmas tree. They also make a wonderful gift for treasured family and friends.

9. Merry Reindeer Ornament

Reindeer are synonymous with Christmas, which is why they make some of the best ornaments for Christmas trees. Brighten your tree with our galloping, merry reindeer ornament and make a real statement this festive season.

10. Kissing Penguins Ornament

Celebrate the love you have with your significant other – add this fun penguin ornament to your 2023 Christmas tree. Don’t forget to personalize it and add your names to make it unique to you as a couple.

Best Way to Hang Ornaments on a Christmas Tree

Your Christmas tree is personal to you and your family. So, you should hang ornaments in a way that suits your tastes. However, here are some tips which will make decorating any Christmas tree easier.

  • Keep valuable or sentimental ornaments near the top of the tree so they’re not broken by pets or small children.
  • Hang the heaviest or largest ornaments low on the tree. Place them on thicker branches so they’re stable.
  • Light ornaments can go near the end of branches. Keep the hanging ribbon short so the ornaments don’t fall off if someone jostles the tree.
  • Space out ornaments evenly around the tree for a balanced look. Step back every now and again as you go to ensure you’re happy with the aesthetic.

Best Place to Buy Christmas Tree Ornaments

The best place to get Christmas tree ornaments is Wendell August Forge. We have a wide range of unique Christmas ornaments to make any Christmas tree shine this holiday season. No matter your budget, you’ll find the perfect ornaments for your holiday decorating. We also have an extensive selection of personalized and gift ornaments, too.

Get in the holiday spirit with Wendell August Forge. Browse our collection of new Christmas tree ornaments.