Atlanta Does Not Disappoint

Jan 15th 2012

[caption id="attachment_580" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Wendell's President, Will Knecht, speaks with soon to be retail partners"]Will Knecht with Partners[/caption] Few words can describe our experience thus far in Atlanta. It has been nothing short of phenomenal. Wendell August’s new exclusive collections for our retail partners are being very well received. We’ve spent a lot of time on our feet. Our booth has been filled at all times with virtually zero lulls in activity or interest. We haven’t had time to get a tally, but it is clear our partner count will be in the triple digits before we leave Atlanta, which is unbelievable considering this program was just launched two weeks ago! What is really exciting is the diversity in the shops we are meeting. We’ve shaken hands with owners of small niche boutiques and well known international retailers in a variety of flavors. Retailers aren't the only ones giving notice. Whenever we could spare a man in the booth we’ve been sitting down with the editors of a number of national publications. Flower Magazine, HFN, Gourmet Business, HomeWorld Business, Hoffman Media (publishers of Taste of the South as well as Cooking with Paula Deen) were among the many publishers we've sat down with. All had glowing reviews our 90-year-old, made in America, story and our strong foot forward into the wholesale world. They loved the new exclusive collections, especially the floral patterns and entertaining items. We feel truly blessed for the business, honored for the recognition, and proud of the talented people in our workshop that make this possible.