Another Hit from Emily Hendrie – Pebble Creek

Apr 6th 2011

[caption id="attachment_255" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Pebble Creek by Emily Hendrie - An exciting new line of hand crafted jewelry with a unique organic feel."]Pebble Creek by Emilyt Hendrie[/caption] A new line of jewelry from Wendell August has been designed by Emily Hendrie and is available just in time for summer.  These pieces are all hand-distressed aluminum mixed with other metals in some cases for dramatic effect. The Interlocking Necklace is a perfect example.  The necklace features two interlocking rings, each of different metals and each individually hand-made to be unique—the Wendell August tradition.     The necklace rings are made from hand-distressed aluminum and copper fired from a material called copper clay. Metal clay originated in Japan and is a crafting medium made up of small particles of metal, like copper, mixed with an organic binder and water.  The metal clay can be molded just like any soft clay, either by hand or with molds.  After drying, it can be heated (fired).  The clay binder burns away, leaving behind the pure treated metal. Emily used this type of metal clay to dramatic and unique effect in these new pieces for Wendell August.  As always, each piece is hand-made and therefore unique from any other piece in the Wendell August collection. With the Large Four Link Necklace, you’ll see an organic and natural-looking piece that hangs beautifully from the neck.  The Large Link Bracelet is forged with the organic ring concept throughout the jewelry.  Emily wanted a design with plenty of texture to it which could demonstrate how far she could take aluminum and be a show stopper at the same time.  The Chain Earrings were designed with a compromise in mind, since not everyone likes big jewelry.  These earrings are larger and more active, but not so large that they overwhelm the person wearing them.  They dress up an outfit and of course, they are all individually made and unique.  The Cuff Bracelet gave Emily a new way to work with aluminum and gave her a new variation on thematic design.  This hand-pounded circle, formed and turned for the wrist, looks different when worn on the elbow and different depending on how it is turned for display.  There is a similar effect from the Adjustable Ring. It looks different depending on how it is worn and provides a variety of looks for the owner. If a goal of jewelry design is to increase the opportunities to wear each piece in different settings, you’ll love this new line from Wendell August and Emily Hendrie.