10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Teachers to Show Your Appreciation

10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Teachers to Show Your Appreciation

Posted by Wendel August Forge on Oct 24th 2023

A teacher getting rewarded for hard work

You’ve finished Christmas gift shopping and you’re ready to wrap up the year.

All that’s left is for Saint Nicholas to bring it home with the perfect gifts your family has been waiting for all year. Before you hang up your hat though, don’t forget the teachers who have been working hard to educate your kids throughout the year as well.

Here’s your Christmas gift guide for teachers for this holiday season.

Why Offer a Teacher a Holiday Gift?

Depending on your financial situation, adding another person to your holiday shopping list may be a bit overwhelming. But everyone deserves a gift under their Christmas tree on Christmas Eve.

The Tradition of Gift Giving

Ever wonder why the shiny red apple at the corner of a teacher’s desk in the United States grew to be the norm?

According to Dictonary.com, the apple was a way for neighborhood families to pay their teachers when cash was short. Trading items instead of money for services was not only normal but encouraged at the start of our country.

Today, we show our appreciation by booking fun trips, covering dinner for a loved one, and looking for the perfect gift for those we love and appreciate in our lives. The tradition of offering a gift to teachers dates back long before cars and Amazon.

Let’s explore some ideas for Christmas gifts for teachers.

10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Teachers from Students

Ready to get started? Here are a few of the best Christmas gift ideas for teachers to get you started in finding the perfect gift for the educators in your life this Winter solstice.

1. School Supplies

The first thing on your mind may be school supplies. A teacher could always need more pencils, pens, paper, hand sanitizer, and so on. The Association of American Educators (AAE) found that teachers spend an average of $673 a year on necessary education items.

So, a hand in these expenses could help a teacher out a lot this holiday season.

2. Gift Cards

Picking out a gift isn’t everyone’s strong suit. That’s the beauty of gift cards: They allow someone to buy the gift they want. When it comes to teachers’ Christmas gift ideas for students, this could be an easy choice for younger kids.

3. A Christmas Card

A gift card always pairs well with a holiday greeting card. A card can give you and your child a chance to add a few personal touches to the present. There’s a holiday card out there for them.

4. Specialty Coffee or Tea

A teacher puts in hard hours, often burning the candle from both ends. Specialty coffee or elegant tea can bring your favorite educator some additional joy in their day. Maybe pair it with a personalized coffee mug.

5. Spa or Self-Care Reservations

A spa day could be the perfect topper for a long school year. Between grading papers and trying to keep their class in line, any educator will appreciate some rest and recovery (R&R) time to themselves.

The better someone can care for themselves, the better they can show up for others. After a great day of self care, you’re sure to see a new side to your kid’s favorite teacher.

6. Books

During the winter break, a new book could be just the thing a school teacher has been waiting for. Keep an eye out for a new best seller they’d enjoy.

7. Comedy Show Tickets

Everyone loves a good laugh. Getting tickets to a comedy show is an unexpected, but welcomed gift idea for Christmas for teachers. It's a great time to get out, have some laughs, and enjoy a really fun night. If you can, buy two so they have someone to enjoy the show with.

8. Concert Tickets

A concert ticket could be an exciting gift for anyone. They get to dress up, go out in town, and enjoy a show from a local or famous artist. Chatting with the teacher you could ask them what bands they’d like to see. This is the perfect way to snag a ticket for them when the artist comes to town.

9. Care Package

To make someone feel seen and cared for, a care package is just the thing.

A care package is a box or basket filled with items that the person will enjoy. Santa Claus could include anything this person would love. There are no rules to what goes into a care package as long as it’s personalized to the individual.

10. One Month Membership to Something They Enjoy

Have you and the instructor bonded over something like rock climbing or golfing? Why not cover their next month’s membership? This is a simple, easy, and considerate way to show someone you’ve been listening and want to see them succeed.

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