Angel Ornaments and Toppers Year Round

Angel Ornaments and Toppers Year Round

Posted by Samantha Crowley on Jan 30th 2022

JANUARY 30, 2022

An Angel Ornament Or An Angel Star Tree Topper Makes A Great Gift

Think about a couple of things that really define and typify the Christmas season. In fact, let’s start with some things that conjure up images of Yuletide. You might have started with visions of snow and peppermint, the classical settings of a winter wonderland that so many people fall back on when they’re thinking of Christmas

Then again, you might have started meandering through images of old settings, holly and pine garland decorations freshly cut from the woodlands, classical wood graven ornaments and traditional glass baubles for a freshly cut Christmas tree. These images tend to be laden with the rich scents of spices so rare and coveted they only find their way out during the Christmas season.

Or perhaps you might even have wandered down memory lane through memories specific to you, places that existed in youth that might remain only in the corners of memory and thus are held especially dear. Perhaps you thought of times past and spent well in places that have changed over the years, and remembered them fondly as they could only belong to you.

Or maybe the case is even that your mind has been people with images of the celestial and divine spirit of the season, full of angels of heralds of the coming good. As they say not to forget the reason for the season, these images would be most fitting for a prompt to recall to mind the images of Christmas. For many, the idea of Christmas revolves around the nativity and the angels that presided over it.

Regardless of the images that jump into the front of your mind and memory when you’re musing on the pleasures of the Christmas season, they’re likely cheery, bright and pleasant. There’s a reason that the term merry is so often ascribed to, even reserved specifically for Christmas. Whether or not you thought of snowmen or angels, Christmas is a time most pleasant for the giving of special gifts.

“Angels are all around us, all the time, in the very air we breathe."

Eileen Elias Freeman

We’re proud to offer many unique and very special, handmade gifts right here at Wendell August Forge, where we know quite a bit about the quality of carefully handcrafted artifacts. Considering the fact that so many pleasant images revolve around Christmas, it’s only fitting to give gifts that bring all the color and pleasantry of Christmas and the season into the limelight. Some of the greatest gifts that we offer come in the form of angel ornaments or an angel star tree topper.

And though they are intended to make great decorations at Christmastime, our ornaments such as our collections of angels or even an angel star tree topper from the forge really make excellent gifts at any time of year.

Yes, they would make superb gifts at Christmastime. Our angel-themed ornaments and tree toppers, hand-hammered out of semi-precious metals and bearing all the unique marks of craftsmen, make excellent gifts for Christmastime. They are thoughtful, individual, and even beautiful in a way that really can’t be described but must be seen to be appreciated.

Yet think of other times of the year that hold so much significance for each of us. There are birthdays to celebrate, weddings and anniversaries, graduations and even other holidays to make the most of. Sometimes, a gentle reminder of one’s favorite time of year is the greatest gift of all. Therefore, not only do our angel themed gifts make excellent and most fitting gifts for Christmas, but they make thoughtful gifts at any time of year. Here are some of our favorite picks from our collection of angel-themed ornaments and gifts here at Wendell August Forge.

If you’re looking for an ornament to give as a gift to a friend or loved one, one of our most exquisite choices is our Angel Of Harmony Ornament. This selection, in particular, comes in either bronze or aluminum and would be an esteemed member of anyone’s fleet of Christmas ornaments.

It’s not only ideal to give as a gift during the Christmas season but can make a fitting gift at any time of year, especially for those who appreciate angels as a motif in art. Moreover, the fact that Christmas ornaments are typically set aside in reserve for other times of the year only seems to make them all the more dear to us during those brief windows of time that we let them shine forth.

This ornament in particular showcases the beautiful likeness of an angel playing the harp. The details of dress and embroidery are wonderfully and attentively embellished, even down to the minute details of the feathering in the wings. This ornament, like all of the metal artwork that comes from Wendell August Forge, is entirely handmade, right down into the most particular details.

An individual craftsman created each piece, giving it all the light of attention to detail that can only come with handmade art. For anyone who appreciates the detail of handmade metal artwork, or just anyone who enjoys the motif of angels so present in art in general and Christmas in specific, this would make a wonderful gift.

If you’re looking for an angel ornament to appeal to slightly different tastes and bring a little extra something to the overall character of your tree or to the tree of a loved one, we have other options you’re simply going to love. Especially if you or someone you know is enamored with the image of the nativity and the message that goes along with it, you might want to consider our following piece as a gift.

Take a look at our Limited Edition Nativity Crystal Ornament. This ornament, like the former entry, is available in either aluminum or bronze, though from the way it shines and glows you’d probably take some convincing. The weight, import, and flash of these ornaments suggest gold and silver much more than semi-precious alternatives. Let’s just say that Burl Ives would be proud.

This ornament, whether in bronze or aluminum, features the likeness of a herald angel outlined exquisitely in a radiant halo and accented by flourishes and ornamentation. This ornament calls to mind the messages that were brought to Mary from God and impress the story of the nativity with significance, and it does so elegantly. Every little detail in this ornament is the result of the care and attention of an individual craftsman, and the finished product is the very image of the highest care and dedication to art.

This ornament, in particular, is an excellent complement to our Angel of Harmony ornament. Although its character is somewhat more demure, it contains another element that gives it impressive depth and complexity. This ornament contains Swarovski crystals that add such shine and sparkle to the ornament that you really must see it to believe its effect. Especially when this ornament is nestled within a couch of pine boughs and the Christmas lights can reach it, it may assume an even brighter spirit. The crystals play with the light in a manner that can only be described as wonderful.

An angel star tree topper is another angel-themed gift that can make an amazing presentation for a tree decoration at any time of year. If you or someone you know would appreciate the look and styling of our Angel Of Harmony Ornament, then you can’t go wrong with our Angel Of Harmony Tree Topper. Many people choose to place angels atop their trees in place of stars or use some combination of both, and this is a beautiful representation of an angel that could easily grace any Christmas tree with poise and character.

In style, it is the same as our ornament of the same name, but this angel tree topper is unique in that is, like the last ornament we explored, contains the addition of Swarovski crystals. What the Angel Of Harmony ornament lacks in light (if it lacks anything) this tree topper brings in spades. The crystals with which it is set captures the light from the Christmas tree as well as any other ambient light and refracts them wondrously, glittering and sparkling in a way most unique. The crystals add just a little more touch of light to the piece, which isn’t even apparent at first sight. Until they interact with the light of the setting, one might not even notice them. But once they catch the light, there’s no forgetting the influence.

Another one of our beautiful Christmas tree toppers, though it isn’t by the letter an Angel tree topper, is our Wintersong Snowflake Tree Topper, which is also set with Swarovski crystals. This tree topper, like the former entry, is a beautiful star tree topper that can really add a lot of gleam to your Christmas tree, or if given as a gift, to the tree of a loved one.

This tree topper is graven with the images of snowflakes and other wonderful flourishes, and with the glitter afforded by the crystals it contains, it is truly a one of a kind piece. Consider this tree topper if you’re looking for a gift that is really unique and will bring a smile to the face of anyone that has a soft spot in his or her heart for Christmas.

There you have quite a few select gifts that you can use to make wonderful gifts at any time of year to friends and loved ones. Whether you know someone who appreciates the use of angels in art or you just want to make a special Christmas offering to someone, we have plenty of options in many themes.

There’s a bit more to it than just the designs that we offer right here at Wendell August Forge. It’s basically commonplace to buy into the rampant materialism that defines society in general and gift-giving in specific. There are few options left for consumers to choose from today when they want to give a gift of truly high quality and unique character. There are even fewer options for consumers to choose from when they’re still interested in and looking for entirely handmade goods or pieces of art.

Wendell August Forge is proud to remain one of the few places that still dedicates itself to the production of entirely handmade pieces of art that will last a lifetime of admiration. All of the metal gifts we offer here at the forge are made entirely by hand – each and every process involves the care and attention of a craftsman’s skill, and the results speak for themselves. Our metal ornaments and other gifts stand alone not only in quality, for they will last a lifetime or many lifetimes, but in unique appeal. Nowhere else will you find designs like ours, much less handmade designs with such measures of complexity and individuality. If you see something you like listed here or on our website, or even if you’d just like to learn a little more about our processes, give us a call at 800-923-4438 or contact us at

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