1923 Limited Edition Hostess Tray (Bronze)

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100 Years of Wendell August

This piece is proudly commissioned to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Wendell August Forge. Founded by Wendell McMinn August in 1923, the Art Deco era and the roaring 20s were thriving when the Forge first opened its doors. Our historic gifts have been given to, and by, presidents, heads of state and titans of industry. Today, we are most honored to have been part of celebrating your weddings, anniversaries, new babies and Christmases. 

This tray celebrates each of our craftsmen over the last century who have used their hands to keep our old-world metalcrafting traditions alive and our customers, whose support has kept us going for 100 years. 

Material: Bronze
Dimensions: 9" x 16"
SKU: 25987227