Vintage Nativity Star Ornament


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What better reminder of the true meaning of Christmas than the Christmas Star. According to the Bible, this divine star led the three Maji (Wise Men) to baby Jesus. Also believed to fulfill an ancient prophecy, the shining star promises hope for humanity. Embrace the Christmas Star in your holiday traditions with our Nativity Star ornament, beautifully designed and hand-wrought in high-quality metal. The Star is uniquely fashioned with the signature elements of the metalworking artisan who created it, and finished with their craftsman's mark, making each ornament a distinctive work of art. The Nativity Star is an exquisite keepsake for you or for someone special - a way of sharing its radiant beams of love and optimism throughout the holidays and beyond.
Material: Aluminum
Dimensions: 2.5"x 3"
SKU: 11920121