The Magic Christmas Village Tree- Large (Aluminum)

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The Magic Christmas Village Christmas Tree Figurine with Crystals We always want to strive to give a gift that shows how much we care about our friends and loved ones, and we want to decorate our own homes with joy and spirit during the holidays. In this regard, you can never really go wrong with a classic decoration like a Christmas tree figurine. This can function as a centerpiece Christmas tree for a Christmas village or radiate perfectly all on its own! Crystal Adorned This beautiful aluminum stand-up Christmas tree figurine is accented beautifully with crystals, making it stand out alone or with an assortment of holiday decorations. This versatile and highly portable item is perfect for any small space. With the striking details of a skirt, bulbs, and garland all topped with a tiny star, this tree really shines but actually takes up very little room and can sit on a table or windowsill in your apartment, dorm, or tiny house. Moreover, it can be personalized via engraving, so it makes an excellent gift item. Find Stunning Metalwork We are very proud of this beautiful Christmas tree for a Christmas Village, but we have so much to offer here at Wendell August Forge. We take the utmost pride and spare no effort in our metalwork, but dont take our word for it! When you shop at Wendell August Forge, youre purchasing with the assurance of quality, so check out our wide selection of Christmas decor today!
Material: Aluminum
Dimensions: 8 x 4"
SKU: 11074068CR