Stars and Stripes Treasure Box

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Celebrate liberty and justice for all with the Treasure Box from the Stars and Stripes Collection of Wendell August. The bald eagle, the one eagle found only in North America, is a symbol of our nation's freedom and within this piece it soars upon the wind as the Star Spangled Banners waves within it. This is the perfect gift for active military members, brave veterans, and proud patriots in your life. The Stars and Stripes Treasure Box is crafted by hand and in the tradition of American made goods, built to last. From die cutting to hammering each piece has been painstakingly handmade by Wendell August artisans, and each is a unique piece of form and function. A gift box worthy of its honor will hold the piece safe until it has been opened by the lucky recipient. Celebrate America, celebrate freedom, with Stars and Stripes from Wendell August.
Material: Aluminum
Dimensions: 2 x 3.5" "
SKU: 15802902