Pittsburgh Essentials Large Rectangle Set


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Visitors to nearby Pittsburgh are delighted to discover the array of charming vistas and historical sites this great American city offers. Because Pittsburgh is located near our hometown of Grove City, we are proud to make items that commemorate its landmarks. The Pittsburgh Essentials Tray will make a wonderful addition to any home, and combined with six three inch square coasters to accent! Each coaster holds a piece of the beautiful cityscape. Lay the coasters on the table, and bring in a pitcher of your favorite drink and snack to share with your guests. They will feel honored to be sharing the table with someone of such exquisite taste. Careful hand-hammering of the metal by Wendell August artisans gives the tray its distinctive texture. Because each Essentials Tray is made one-by-one and made by hand each is unique. It's from Wendell August so you know it was fittingly made in the USA and each comes with its own gift box. Celebrate Pittsburgh with the eye-catching Pittsburgh Essentials Tray from Wendell August.
Material: Aluminum
Dimensions: 10 1/2 x 14 1/2""
SKU: 13440741SET