Pittsburgh Bridges Skyline Ornament

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Pittsburgh Bridges Skyline Christmas Ornament
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Pittsburgh Bridges Skyline Christmas Ornament

If you or a loved one just moved to Pittsburgh or you’ve adored the city for years, this piece is a great way to show some pride during the holidays. At Wendell August Forge, we have a wide collection of city Christmas ornaments, such as this beautiful item that represents adoration for the city of bridges!

Decorate with Metalwork

Our circular, aluminum Pittsburgh Christmas ornament features the stunning skyline of the illustrious steel city, all consolidated into one gorgeous work of metal and hung from a red ribbon. The skyline is etched into a circular frame of bridges with “Pittsburgh” engraved at the bottom.

Exclusively at Wendell August Forge!

At Wendell August Forge we carry a large selection of completely personalized and meticulously crafted ornaments, but that’s only scratching the surface. We put the utmost emphasis on quality and spare absolutely no effort to ensure that every product is met with the satisfaction that our customers have come to expect. For skyline ornaments and more, look no further than Wendell August Forge!

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