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A personalized gift from Wendell August is a one-of-a-kind keepsake in and of itself. When you personalize that gift with our nationally renowned engraving, you’ve taken the gift and turned it into a lifetime treasure.

We take great pride in our personalization and believe it to be of the highest quality personalization created by any retailer. We deep cut the engraving so that our coloring technique brings extra dimension to your personal message or the important milestone information that is engraved. We then put a final polish on each piece to ensure the rich luster of the final patina.

Our customers choose engraving to personalize for weddings, anniversaries, births, graduations, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or many other significant occasions. It’s the extra touch that shows your recipient just how much you care.

Below we list some Frequently Asked Questions about our Personalization:

What is personalization?

Personalization is the process of engraving a special message or important milestone information on a piece of Wendell August giftware.

What fonts can I choose?

Our font styles include:

  • Cursive
  • Goudy
  • Script
  • Victoria
  • Century (Monogram)
  • Interlocking (Monogram)

How much can I engrave on a certain item?

It is all dependent on the size of the item and the amount of blank metal that appears on the piece. We make it easy for you by pre-loading the amount of engraving allowed on each piece on our web site. See below for an explanation of our easy engraving process. Click Here to go there now.

Where can I engrave on an item?

You can engrave anywhere that there is blank metal but not over a hammered design. On many of our gift pieces we leave "open" space for you to engrave your special message or milestone information.

What do you suggest as a message for particular gift giving occasions?

Based on what customers have used for personalization in the past, we would suggest the following:

  • Anniversaries
    • First names of the couple
    • The date they were married
    • The anniversary year (i.e. 10th Anniversary, 20th Anniversary, etc.)
    • Happy 50th (as an example, but you can use whichever milestone anniversary)
  • Births
    • Name of the baby (could be full name or first and last)
    • Date of birth
    • Time of birth
    • Weight in pounds and ounces
    • Lengths in inches
  • Graduations
    • Graduate’s name
    • Graduation date
    • School they are graduating from
  • Weddings
    • First names of the couple
    • Wedding Date
    • Special message (if there is additional space): 'From this day forward…' or 'And two shall become one…'

How do I monogram a piece?

Again, we make it very simple. If you are engraving a monogram of a person, we suggest you place the first initial of the person’s last name in the center (it will appear larger), place the first initial of the first name to the left, and the first initial of the middle name to the right. Thus, a monogram for Patrick Neal Sullivan would look like this:

If you are engraving a monogram for a couple, we would recommend that you place the first initial of the last name in the center (again, it will appear larger), place the first initial of the woman’s first name to the left, and the first initial of the man’s first name to the right. Thus, the monogram for Patrick and Rebecca Sullivan will look like:

How much does it cost?

Our pricing for our personalization is:

  • .75 per character (letter, number, symbol)*
  • $5.00 for a monogram
  • $5.00 minimum

* $1.25 per character for stainless steel

How long does it take to personalize a piece?

Typically, our personalized pieces take only 1 week to create and ship. The arrival date of the gift is dependent upon your method of shipping and the address to which your order is being shipped to. For our shipping tables, click here.

How do I personalize an item on the Wendell August web site?

We make it easy! For any item that can be engraved, you will see a message that says Personalizable just above the "Add to Cart" button.  Once you add any one of these products to your cart, you will be immediately prompted and asked if you would like to personalize this item.  If you choose to do so, you will be taken to an easy-to-use screen that allows you to choose your font and enter your message.

Does Wendell August engrave products from other retailers?

We do not personalize products from other retailers because our total engraving focus is to enhance our handmade in the U.S.A. giftware with the highest quality engraving.

What if I still have questions?

If you still have questions, feel free to email your question to us at info@wendell.com (allow 24 hours for a response) or call our toll free number during business hours and we will be happy to walk you through any questions you might have on our personalization process. Our toll free number is 1-800-923-4438.

PLEASE pay special attention that the engraving information is accurate when you are placing your order. Because each of our pieces are handcrafted and we strive to ship them to you very quickly, we are unable to change engraving once the order is placed.

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