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Mr. and Mrs. Floral Engraved Wedding Gift

Especially for the bride and groom who are close to your heart, it can be hard to decide on just the right present. In this regard, it can be prudent to go with something decorative the couple can display and enjoy each and every day. Here at Wendell August Forge, we can help you find an engraved wedding gift in the form of this personalized etched metal tray!

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Designed by artist and metalsmith Kyle Gerkin, and with added engraving by Len Youngo, one of the most skilled and accomplished die engravers in the world, this makes for the perfect item for the perfect couple! Whether meant for a wedding or an anniversary, you can get this tray customized with a last name and important year. Because it’s personal and well-thought-out, you can bet the happy bride and groom will cherish this engraved wedding gift for years to come!

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When you shop with Wendell August Forge, you’re ordering with an assurance that we are crafting this item with as much love and attention as we would something for our own family. So, take comfort in knowing that the wedding gift for your loved ones will be the most impressive on the market.

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