I'm Dreaming Ornament - Aluminum

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Written by Irving Berlin, White Christmas was a song remembering a simple Christmas setting that has all but been lost in some households. This ornament pays homage to Irving's dream in every way. It is simple in appearance. One may think that it is just a snowman and some falling snow. A deeper study reveals more. The point of view is of children looking up and beyond the friend they have made. While the stars twinkle in the sky, and the snow falls, they realize that their dreams of a white Christmas have come true too. Each I'm Dreaming ornament has been hand-hammered, one by one. The process is simple, yes, but much harder and more time consuming than having a machine do all the work. We don't do this because we are stubborn. To the contrary, it is in the Wendell August DNA, and ensures that each and every piece you receive is unique, and of the highest quality. Each ornament will arrive in it's own premium gift box that will impress its recipient and provide safe storage in the off season. Available in bronze or aluminum.
Material: Aluminum
Dimensions: 2 Inches
SKU: 13868002