Evergreen Small Oval Dish

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The Small Oval Dish from Evergreen is as versatile and beautiful as the tree that adorns it. The Eastern White Pine has been used for a number of purposes. They made up the masts of the USS Constitution (named by George Washington. It has been exported the world over for lumber. The pitch has been used for waterproofing. In times of great winter famine it was even eaten as its inner layers are rich in nutrient. Carefully cut by Wendell August artisans over 50 years ago, our master engravers have depicted the Eastern White Pine so perfectly you can almost smell the scent of the pitch. You can proudly put this piece to use in your home. It holds your keys safe on an entryway table. It's large enough to display an ample amount of peppermint candies, eye-level, for the kids to enjoy. Put it next to your bed to hold your jewelry while you sleep soundly through the night...the possibilities abound. The Evergreen Small Oval Dish is made by hand, and made in the USA by Wendell August. Each comes in its own premium gift box ready to be given as a gift, and to store the piece when it is not in use.
Material: Aluminum
Dimensions: 5 1/2 x 7 inches
SKU: 13431OBS