Personalized Christmas Ornaments Handmade by Wendell August Forge

Decorative handmade Christmas ornaments are the perfect way to commemorate the holidays. At Wendell August Forge, we celebrate each Christmas season with pieces that embody quality American craftsmanship. With creative and meaningful designs, these heirlooms, forged in aluminum and other metals, display the Christmas Spirit. Each piece is specially handcrafted by our metalworkers, bringing a legacy of time-honored traditions from our family to yours.

Christmas ornaments are great gifts that every family member can love and appreciate. This year, give the gift of a memory forged in metal that can be cherished for years to come. Choose from our available collection and add a personalized message to commemorate a special moment in time. Or order a custom Xmas ornament to make your gift truly special. Each of our ornaments is handmade and carefully crafted to offer our customers a unique Christmas gift that will make their Christmas tree stand out year after year.

Wendell August Forge has been crafting fine personalized Christmas ornaments for generations. Forged from sterling silver, aluminum, pewter, and bronze, each piece is a time tested work of art. Wendell August Christmas ornaments are gifts with a value you can feel in your own hands.

Personalizing your ornaments

Select handmade Christmas ornaments from hundreds of hand-etched original designs. If you’d like to make one of our designs truly special, you may choose to include a custom engraved message that gives each piece the quality of a true family heirloom. Our craft is meaningful for us because we’re able to help you celebrate each and every one of life’s special moments.

We invite you to browse the Wendell August Christmas Gallery. Find your favorite within our collection of original designs, and set instructions for your personalized message right from your computer. Give a truly personal gift this season with our personalized Christmas ornaments.

Christmas And The Winter Season

Wendell August Christmas ornaments come in many shapes and sizes. Choose from dozens of tree toppers and hanging ornament designs for a wide selection to decorate with. With pieces inspired by stars, angels, and other festive symbols, these personalized Christmas ornaments can be the highlight of your tree this year.

Spread the Christmas spirit to your entire home with seasonal favorites featuring Santa, snowflakes, and songbirds. Find all the elements for your own nativity scene, with plenty of pieces crafted from biblical inspiration.

An Heirloom Legacy

Wendell August ornaments are made to last, and the eight-step process we use to forge them ensures that their form and beauty will hold up.

We are America’s oldest and largest forge, with a legacy of quality craftsmanship that dates back to 1923. From the very beginning of material selection through carbon coloring and polishing, the heritage of master crafting lives on at Wendell August Forge. The result? Handmade and personalized Christmas ornaments your family can enjoy year after year, for generations.

More than 1,000 gift items are available in a wide variety of sizes and designs. With such a wide variety, Wendell August Forge creates so many family favorite ways to commemorate life’s special moments. Browse our special Christmas collection to find a gift tailor-made for someone you love.

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