The Sports Chip-and-Dip Plate Collection

Oct 4th 2015

Happy Monday, folks.  You may have a bad case of the Monday blues, but let's not get too low because Mondays in October can only mean one thing: Monday Night Football.  You feel better about Monday already, I can feel it.   One of the best parts about fall is football season. Whether you like football or not, you cannot deny that cozying-up around the TV with your friends and/or family is one of the most relaxing activities a weekend can offer during the autumn months. You may be hosting a dinner party, it may be a Saturday or Sunday afternoon get-together, or it could just simply be an “evening-in” with the family. Sounds like a great plan, right? But, the best part of the event (let’s be real) is going to be the food. What is a good sports-watching day without some quality h’orderves or a full blown dinner? Lucky for you, we’ve got you covered with a festive, sports chip-and-dip plate collection to serve your signature h’orderves. For those die-hard sports fans who take their big-game viewing parties seriously with a theme and everything, we hear you. For those of you who are NOT the die-hard fans, but you know the extra touch of enthusiasm would make a special someone happy, we‘re here for you too.  And if you are the type who could not stand the sight of anything sports related in your house, well... we all know that friend who can't stop talking about Saturday's game.  Yeah, I think we just discovered what to get them for Christmas. Take a look at these designs from Wendell August that are just begging to join you and your sports-enthusiast crew. My personal favorite may or may not be the football one, but feel free to choose your own favorite!   Language of Football Chip and Dip     Language of Spts Chip n Dip HORZ     Language of Spts Chip n Dip VERT Oh! And don't forget the hockey and basketball chip and dip plates as well! 12215070 -HOCKEY chip and dip12441070 -Basketball-chip-n-dip   Here's a closer look! 12441070 -basketball-chip-n-dip-Detail These chip and dip plates are going to be the perfect addition to your gatherings and they will definitely stand out to your guests. Also, if you do end up using one or more of these plates, let us know on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook! We would love to see how you used them! Find them HERE.