The Never Lose Hope Collection

Apr 4th 2017

While traveling on a missions trip to Haiti with her church in 2014, Never Lose Hope Designs founder Marcia Davis saw with her own eyes true poverty and hardship faced by children growing up in orphanages and villages in Haiti. Wanting to help and “do something” to make a difference, she designed a line of jewelry to encourage and inspire us to Never Lose Hope, and at the same time to give back hope by giving a portion of the proceeds to those same orphanages in Haiti. In January of 2015, She created a jewelry line with motivational sentiments to inspire, encourage and uplift us every day as we wear them. As with any business, the beginning was a struggle. She worked tirelessly, day and night, in her kitchen, at her dining room table and in her makeshift office, working to create each design, piece by piece. Because of this hand-crafted approach, each bracelet and necklace is unique and personal, chosen not only for its beauty, but for the powerful message of hope that it delivers. Today, Never Lose Hope Designs continues its handcrafted approach by employing local women including teachers, a pharmacist, a mail carrier and stay at home moms. They even have a few husbands who volunteers and string beads because they also want to help make a difference. This allows each piece to still be unique, personal and made proudly in the USA. Wendell August is proud to feature the Never Lose Hope Collection.  These products are perfect for the person that desires to wear fashionable jewelry which provides a message of inspiration, encouragement and hope. View the Never Lose Hope Collection here.