Shopping for the Perfect Gift, No Matter What the Occasion

Jun 24th 2015

Sometimes, shopping for special occasion gifts can be a difficult and frustrating exercise, especially when the person you’re buying for has very few hobbies or interests, or if they’re one of those people who simply ‘has everything.’ So on those occasions, how do you find that perfect gift that truly expresses your feelings while avoiding permanent basement banishment? Here are a few suggestions for some specific gift ideas that are sure to satisfy on both fronts. Milestone Anniversary Gifts Let’s start at the top and work backward – for a 50th anniversary, the traditional gift calls for gold. Chances are if you buy your spouse anything whatsoever made of gold, you simply can’t go wrong. Everything else can be tricky though, and there’s a much greater chance of misfiring on a purchase. The 25th anniversary calls for silver, and this too is a fairly safe bet, because silver and gold are two of the most appreciated commodities, both as tokens of affection and as objects with intrinsic financial value. While nothing can be considered universally acceptable, for any other milestone anniversary, custom made or personalized gifts help to show that special someone in your life just how much they mean to you, while providing them with a unique keepsake they’ll cherish for years to come. Housewarming Gifts Some of the most common housewarming gifts are items that can be used in daily cooking and cleaning, but there is a significant built-in risk of buying a third toaster or second crockpot. To avoid that possibility, and still get something meaningful, try some more unique housewarming gifts. How about a tulip tree that the couple can watch grow together? Or, a personalized cutting board that offers real utility while maintaining a unique appeal. Think of things that a newly moved-in couple might need, but aren’t always willing to spend the extra money on just yet. Personalized Retirement Gifts In general, retirement gifts are of two varieties – those that look back on the working years and those looking forward to the years of relaxation that lie ahead. For the sports enthusiast, golf equipment figures to be a gift that would get additional use. Personalizing a beer mug might be a nice choice for someone inclined to enjoy it, and for an affectionate idea, a framed photo of favored family members is a nice way to begin the golden years. Bridal Party Gifts Bridal party gifts are not quite as risky as some other special occasion gifts, because they are usually the same for all members of the bridesmaid group or the groom’s party. This does mean that they are likely to be segregated along gender-specific lines however, unless the gifts are generalized enough to appeal to all. Pewter cups or wine glasses are nice traditional ideas, and for more unique gifts, a ‘survival kit’ which includes all the necessaries, e.g. 1-oz. Jim Beam, for surviving the hectic days surrounding a wedding. Some brides even gift personalized jewelry that their bridal party can wear during the special day. First Baby Gifts Upon the birth of a first child, most couples are so overwhelmed with the new responsibility that they almost overlook the significance of the moment. Therefore, something which commemorates the birth as a milestone in their lives is almost sure to be loved and appreciated for years to come. A cup, a glass, a plate, or even an ornament – anything with the baby’s name on it, and the date of the event is sure to become a family treasure. In today’s fast-paced world, it seems that many of life’s most precious moments pass us on a whim, quickly becoming long forgotten in the process. Help those in your life whom you hold near and dear to your heart recapture these memories with help from the custom-made gifts at Wendell August. Turn back the clock on life’s most special moments with Wendell August’s line of personalized metal gifts customized to fit any occasion. If you’re looking for just the right gift, look no further than the collections at Wendell August.