Baby's 1st Christmas Ornament (Aluminum)

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Personalized Baby' First Christmas Ornament No Christmas is quite so special as the first, even if it' difficult to remember for the party in question. Regardless of whether or not the memory will stick, the gifts we receive on our very first holiday are the ones that we will cherish for a lifetime. If youre looking for the best in personalized baby' first Christmas ornaments, you need look no further than our artisan, customized baby ornaments right here at Wendell August Forge! Metal Baby' First Christmas Ornament This gorgeous ornament features a poignant scene of a child and the moon. As they smile at each other, the baby holds a star in their hand, giving an impression of hope and love for the future that is in store. This ornament can be customized with a unique engraving of your child' name, ensuring that it will be a beautiful keepsake for years to come! Shop Ornaments at Wendell August Forge! Here at Wendell August Forge, we are absolutely committed to delivering the utmost in care and craftsmanship. We work hard to ensure that, when you shop with us, youre shopping with the assurance of artisan quality. For the very best in personalized baby' first Christmas ornaments, browse our whole collection!

Material: Aluminum
Dimensions: 3 1/2 Inches
SKU: 13055004