Amalfi Hostess Tray (Aluminum)


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A stunning addition to our Amalfi Collection, the Hostess Tray is stunning. A perfect wedding or housewarming gift, the Amalfi Hostess Tray is perfectly combines modern and traditional touches, making it work with any decor. Personalize the back to create a gift that means more. The Amalfi Collection Where centuries-old stucco homes cling to cliffs, and ceramicchurch domes reflect in the blue ocean waters.Where glasses of wine around a table of fresh seafood and bread are second only to the conversation and laughter. This is where theAmalfiCollection came to be. Inspired by Italian coastal design, theAmalfiCollection transforms theirhandcrafted ceramic dishes into elegant metal serveware. Using hand and hammer, each piece is crafted with centuries old techniques. Wendell August Forge' artistry combined with Italy' unmatched aesthetic creates the tablescape of dreams. Designed by artist Jody Romero and chiseled into steel by Master Die Engraver Len Youngo, theAmalfiCollection will transport you to the land of olive groves and vineyards. Where friendships flourish.
Material: Aluminum
Dimensions: 9"x16"
SKU: 11584227