75 Years of Artistry in Metal Book

For collectors of decorative aluminum giftware and decorative arts historians, Wendell August Forge offers a generously illustrated book that relates the history of the forge and its place in the decorative aluminum industry. Bonita Campbell is a skilled researcher and writer and has clearly established herself as the foremost experts in the field through this 192 page book.

An Essential Resource

"A beautifully illustrated book showing countless vintage pieces of hand forged aluminum artwork of exceptional rarity. Comprehensive appendixes on trademark handstamp marks and dating clues allows collectors and dealers to date pieces with considerable accuracy. This book is valuable to novice and experienced collectors, antique dealers, researchers and historians. It is destined to become an essential resource to anyone interested in decorative, architectural or hand hammered aluminum."

Dennis Wildnauer

Decorative aluminum collector and researcher

Uniquely American Art Form

"I wear the hats of both an artist, and a collector of decorative aluminum. As an artist, I am drawn to the Campbell book, because it represents the first fully researched history of the company that introduced this uniquely American art form. As a collector, I am delighted to find a work that gives me information to determine the provenance, including dating, of the Wendell August Forge artifacts."

Clare Cornell

Artist and collector

A phenomenal Job!

"Bonita Campbell has done a phenomenal job. She has the gift of providing whatever needs to be said I am amazed at the scope and accuracy of her work, and may the good Lord bless her an the work she is doing."

James V DePonceau

Metal artisan since the 1920s and one of the original aluminum craftsman at Wendell August Forge

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