Penn State Nittany Lion Head Logo Ornament

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Penn State Nittany Lion Head Logo Ornament
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Unique Penn State Gifts

We always looking for presents that are both unique and personalized to show our care and consideration during the holiday season. For a student or even an alumni, it can often be a great idea to offer a gift that shows appreciation for their university. For someone beaming with Penn State pride, you’ve already arrived at the perfect choice. Look no further than this Penn State ornament as a Penn State gift!

Nittany Lion Head Logo Ornament

This 4 ½” aluminum ornament bears the ever recognizable nittany lion head. It gives Penn State students a sense of immediate pride for the history of athletic prestige that people expect from this university. Alumni and even parents of students can also enjoy this great gift, as it’s easy to be proud of the academic achievement of your past self, as well as loved ones. Above all, this Penn State ornament, when put on display at Christmas, will do what the motto of the school says, “make life better.”

Only at Wendell August Forge

We are always trying to perfect and improve our craft in metalworking, but more than this, to create specific and personalized ornaments and decorations that fit your unique life and history. This Penn State gift is just one of many of our university based ornaments, and even those are just one type of several bronze and aluminum decorations we offer. For a customized and personalized metal shopping experience, Wendell August Forge is your best bet!

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