Allegheny County Courthouse Tile Candle Holder

Allegheny County Courthouse Tile Candle Holder
Terra Cotta
6 x 12 Inches

The Allegheny County Courthouse Collection

Three diagonal cut glass candle holders create an elegant statement atop a 130-year-old terracotta tile from the roof of Pittsburgh's historic Allegheny County Courthouse. Perfect dining or coffee table centerpiece.

Supporting the Parks

Proceeds from the Allegheny County Courthouse Tile Collection benefit the Allegheny County Parks Foundation, supporting the improvement, preservation and restoration of nine county parks consisting of 12,000 acres. Its mission is to help improve, conserve, maintain, protect, preserve and restore park facilities and open spaces, and also to support educational, recreational, natural and cultural activities. These efforts all work to enhance the quality of life for county residents, promote healthy lifestyles, improve the environment, and stimulate economic growth and vibrancy for our region. **PRE-SALE: Allegheny County Courthouse Collection items will ship by September 1**

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