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Santa Christmas Ornaments

Put a little “ho ho ho” in the holiday season with our beloved collection of Santa Christmas ornaments! From charmingly intricate children’s ornaments to vividly painted aluminum ornaments, each unique Santa Claus ornament in our collection tells a story you’ll love to share. To find the perfect ornament to give as a gift or to decorate your own tree, we invite you to explore our one of a kind collection at Wendell August Forge.

Santa Claus is one of the iconic figures of the holiday season. He is a part of our traditions, a part of our stories, and he is passed down from generation to generation. It’s why many families want Santa to be a part of their Christmas decorations. With Wendell August Forge, you can find Santa Christmas ornaments that help tell the story of Santa, a beloved figure of Christmas and can be the perfect gift for a child or any growing family.

Who is Santa Claus?

Do you know how the legend of Santa Claus started? It has reportedly been traced back to a monk named St. Nicholas, believed to have been born around 280 A.D. in Patara, near Myra in what is present-day Turkey. Widely admired for his piety and benevolence, he was said to have given away all his inherited wealth and traveled the countryside, helping the poor and sick. Legends grew from this beginning, evolving over time to the gift-bearing, "right jolly old elf" we know as Santa Claus today.

Santa Claus Christmas Ornaments

Also called Father Christmas, Santa Claus is the first thing most people - especially children - think about when considering the holiday of Christmas. With that kind of reputation, Santa is a popular subject of Wendell August Forge ornaments too. We have a generous selection of hand-wrought Santa ornaments in a variety of sophisticated-and-merry designs.

Our ornaments are handcrafted using pewter, aluminum, copper or bronze, with skilled artisans die-cutting the intricate artwork into the metal mold by hand. Every piece is uniquely fashioned with the signature elements of the engraver and finished with their craftsman's mark, making each one a true work of art.

Collaboration with Prominent Artists

Among our imaginative and delightful designs is the Wendell August Forge 2019 Annual Ornament, A Visit From St. Nicholas, available in copper, bronze or aluminum. We are also proud to offer special Santa ornament collections, including the Santa of the World series, which features artwork influenced by artistic renderings from all over the globe.

Other artists involved include Pittsburgh's "Painter of Memories," Linda Barnicott, with whom we partnered to create the Jolly Old Elf series, consisting of five whimsical Santa scenes adapted from her paintings. Yet another artist - sculptor Kyle Gercken - hand-sculpted the enchanting Mini Santa and Reindeer Three-Piece Ornament Set.

For more choices, we have several cheery Santa Christmas ornaments made of glass, plus the "Better Not Pout" ornament, which is always a good reminder for kids marking the days until his annual visit!

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