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City Skylines

City Skylines

City Skyline Christmas Ornaments

There’s no place like home for the holidays, and to help you truly feel at home wherever you are, we’ve created an original collection of city skyline Christmas ornaments at Wendell August Forge. As America’s largest and oldest forge, we’re pleased to celebrate not only authentic American craftsmanship, but also some of the finest cities in the country. Celebrate your favorite place - and your favorite season - with our unique collection of city skyline aluminum Christmas ornaments.

We all have those places that have touched our lives. Our hometowns and home cities or just the places we have made a part of our lives through work, travel, and entertainment. When decorating for the holidays, it can be great to bring all those places near and dear to you and make them a part of your traditions. With city skyline Christmas ornaments from Wendell August Forge, you get beautiful hand-crafted creations that showcase some of the finest cities in the country. Bring those special places to your home for the holidays.

City Skyline Christmas Ornaments

Did you ever spend time in a city that particularly captured your heart? What was special about it? In America, we're fortunate to have so many fabulous cities full of beauty, excitement, history and character. Some make such an impression, you know you'll remember them always.

Here at Wendell August Forge, we understand sentiments like this. Since 1923, we've made it our goal to craft heirloom-quality keepsakes to remember occasions, experiences, people and achievements that have filled your life with meaning. Of course, this includes those extraordinary cities you've visited.

Our City Skyline Collections are comprised of nine extraordinary cities in the U.S. and Canada, among them Pittsburgh (naturally!), New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Niagara Falls. If you don't live in or around one of these places, chances are you've been to one or more at some point. And although the collections are labeled "skylines," many feature specific destinations within that city that are particularly interesting, historical or striking.

Our Philadelphia Skyline Collection is one example. The actual Philadelphia Skyline Ornament is crafted in wood, while the other metal pieces feature the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. In the Toronto Skyline Collection, you'll find ornaments depicting the historic Casa Loma property, Toronto's Flatiron Building, and the Saint Lawrence Market, once named the World's Best Food Market by National Geographic magazine.

Keepsake Gifts that Mean More

At Wendell August Forge, we fashion all our ornaments using practices rooted in centuries-old metalworking techniques. Each design bears the signature elements of the metalworking artisan who created it, and it's finished with their craftsman's mark. This elevates every piece to being a distinctive work of art.

Enjoy browsing through our ornaments for all nine cities. They make wonderfully unique Christmas ornaments or gifts for friends and family. Keepsakes from Wendell August Forge are more than just ornaments. They represent American hand-wrought quality, tradition and history.

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