Meet Me Under The Kaufmann's Clock by Linda Barnicott, Aluminum

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Kaufmann's Clock Christmas Ornament
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There is so much to say about the painting, and the significance of it being made into a Wendell August ornament. Both Linda Barnicott and Wendell August's roots and their success can be traced back to inspiration spurred by Kaufmann's, and without that inspiration. Before Wendell and his blacksmith's ever made pieces for the home, they were making gates, railings, and other architectural elements for commercial buildings. An architect of the ALCOA building Wendell's tam was working on asked them to make a tray in the image of the elevator doors they made as a gift for the ALCOA execs. This tray just so happened to get shown to Edgar Kaufmann, who so impressed by it's beauty asked for more trays to be made for his department store. And so Wendell's business transitioned from commercial to retail products in the early 1900's.

Although she had been a great artist for many years, Linda Barnicott was like many greats, rather unrecognized. The world of art is one that requires a certain platform for a masterpiece to be truly appreciated. Waiting For You Under the Kaufmann's Clock many consider to be the springboard, that perfect platform, that launched Linda's career as an artist 1989. It quickly sold out, and made Linda a household name around the region.

The painting has long been sold out, but the ornament that came to life through the masterfully engraved die created by Len Youngo's 30 years of passion and artisan experience, is available to you today through Wendell August. We've made each one individually by hand-hammering the metal into Len's die. This ensures that each ornament is unique and of the highest quality. We'll send it to you in a gift box that is appropriate for the masterpiece held within it. This ornament is dated on the back with its introduction date of 2011.

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