Limited Edition Silver-Plated 2018 Centennial Star

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Limited Edition 1 of 95 Signed Ornaments:

Our story began 95 years ago. To celebrate, we're handcrafting ONLY 95 of the  Centennial Star Ornaments plated in silver, and designed by international artist Alex Konahin. Each is signed by Master Die Engraver, Len Youngo. Among the greatest in the world, his paint brush is a chisel and his canvas is metal. For more than 30 years he has perfected his craft using centuries old techniques. Made in the USA by hand, own a piece of history today. 

In life, your path isn't always easy. True North Centennial Star is inspired by life's compass. When lost, always look to what is good. You will find your True North and know you're going the right direction.