2017 Snow Crystal Ornament - Peace Dove

2017 Snow Crystal Ornament with Swarovski Crystals - Peace Dove

Christmas is a time to celebrate and aspire toward peace on earth, and perhaps no other symbol of this is more timeless than the peace dove. This stunning ornament combines the best of classic inspiration and contemporary artistry, and features an intricately detailed design. Whether you’re looking for a memorable gift or an exquisite ornament to adorn your own family Christmas tree, the 2017 Snow Crystal Peace Dove Christmas Ornament from Wendell August Forge is the perfect choice.

Authenticity and Elegance

This remarkable ornament features a delicate and incredibly detailed snowflake design with the peace dove at center. It is handcrafted from premium-quality aluminum, and is embellished with Swarovski crystals. Each piece is accompanied by a sheer, light blue ribbon to complement the aesthetics of your tree or ornament stand. Our 2017 Snow Crystal Peace Dove Christmas Ornament is designed by noteworthy artist Linda Hoover and is expertly cut by master die engraver Len Youngo.

Celebrate Your Legacy

The 2017 Snow Crystal Ornament is not only the perfect gift, but also an heirloom-quality piece intended to be cherished for years to come. To order yours, we encourage you to contact us at (800) 923-4438, or to reach us anytime at info@wendell.com.

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