Wintersong Essentials Large Square Set

The Wintersong Essentials Large Tray is the perfect entertaining piece and contains 4 square coasters. The Wintersong Large Square Tray is a piece from one of our most beautifully intricate collections ever crafted, from our Master Die Engraver Dave Bruck. It is functional with unmatched sophistication and best of all, it is handcrafted in America.

Lay the coasters on the table, and bring in a pitcher of your favorite drink and snack to share with your guests. They will feel honored to be sharing the table with someone of such exquisite taste. Careful hand-hammering of the metal by Wendell August artisans gives the tray and coasters each its distinctive texture. Because each Essentials piece is made one-by-one and made by hand, each is unique.

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