2013 Annual Plate- Heaven and Nature Sing

Our 2013 Annual Plate in Bronze, Heaven and Nature Sing, celebrates the spectacular gift that was given to us all more than two-thousand years ago. With the birth of Jesus Christ, all of creation has a reason to sing in harmony. Man and animal, big and small, everything in our magnificent world is because of something greater than us. May Heaven and Nature continue their song. This plate was created using artwork from artist Melanie Petridis. ABOUT THE DIE ENGRAVER: Len Youngo has been crafting his skills as a die engraver since 1981. Since then, he has become one of the most skilled master die engravers in the world. In just over 30 years, Len has engraved over 1,700 dies, each one meticulously and masterfully done by hand. For the Youngos, Wendell August is a family affair. Len’s mother, Cathy, began working for the company in the 1970’s and is now the Wendell August historian, while his son, Mike, is following in his footsteps as a die engraver. Wendell August Forge would not be the company it is today without the Youngo family.

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