Sympathy & Memorial Gifts

Sympathy & Memorial Gifts

Personalized Sympathy Gifts

The custom memorial gifts from Wendell August Forge can help you honor your loved ones, or the loved ones of those close to you. Celebrate their lives and spark those great memories each time you look at one of these custom engraved memorial gifts.

Custom Sympathy Gifts

The death of a family member or close friend is a time for many things. While you mourn their loss, you also celebrate and honor the life that meant so much. Personalized memorial gifts from Wendell August Forge are a beautiful, sophisticated way to capture all the thoughts and emotions running through your mind during this difficult time. Our custom gifts are a caring addition to home memorials, tombstones, monuments and other tributes. You can also present these thoughtful bereavement gifts to those close to you who have lost someone special. We craft modern and vintage metal gifts that are full of meaning to the people that matter to you.

Personalized Memorial Gifts

Our selection includes gifts for people who need time to grieve or want to focus on the positives of those who've passed. Sympathy ornaments such as angel wings, hearts and religious tributes mean a remembrance will be hanging on the Christmas tree every year. A personalized memorial wall cross made of aluminum or bronze is a gorgeous centerpiece for a temporary or permanent memorial display. Items such as accessory trays, bookmarks and coasters make the memory of those lost part of your everyday life. You might also get a custom-engraved memorial photo album or picture frame that showcases the best moments of their life or your time together.

Handcrafted Memories

Since 1923, Wendell August Forge has been known for American-made gifts that mean more. We have a large collection of hand-wrought aluminum sympathy gifts plus items made of copper, bronze, pewter and other lasting materials. Our time-tested forging methods produce enduring beauty rooted in a century of Pennsylvania craftsmanship. Nobody wants to lose the ones they love, but with our personalized mourning gifts, you can properly honor their memory. Whether in-store or online, we make sure you get the gift you need when you need it.