Cleveland Football Stadium Ornament by Jim Ptacek

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Cleveland Football Stadium Ornament by Jim Ptacek
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Jim Ptacek brings serenity to scenes that would normally prevent most people from being able to appreciate the fine sites around them. Jim's subject is the city, more specifically, the wonderful structures that make cities amazing.

In Cleveland Football Stadium, the tailgaters are gone, no smell of hotdogs and french fries are in the air, and the screams of raging fans have been silences. Instead, there is a calm that allows you to focus on the magnificence of the stadium itself. The walls tower to hold the fans that await the warriors of the field. The feeling is similar to that of ancient Rome and the coliseum.

Wendell August's own Master Die Engraver Dave Bruck has take Ptacek's still, and with his stead hand that misses no detail, has transferred it into steel. Our craftsman have hand-hammered the metal into that die to create the wonderful details of each Cleveland Football Stadium. Our work is done the old-fashion way, not to be stubborn, but to ensure each unique piece possesses the highest level of American craftsmanship possible. You deserve nothing less. When your ornament arrives it will be within a premium gift box, ready to give with no wrapping needed. This ornament is dated on the back with its introduction date of 2011.

Available in Bronze and Aluminum
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