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Handcrafted Mother’s Day Gifts

From the moment we come into this world, our mothers are our fiercest protectors. They love us unconditionally, they would do anything to see us smile, and though they don’t ask for anything in return, Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity for us to give back. This year, show your mother how much you’ve appreciated her love, attention, and guidance over the years with one of our heirloom-quality, handcrafted Mother’s Day gifts from Wendell August Forge.

One-of-a-Kind Gifts Your Mom Will Love

Our selection of handcrafted Mother’s Day gifts includes one-of-a-kind envelope purses, jewelry, picture frames, and keepsakes (bookmarks, hand mirrors, ornaments, etc.) that she’ll treasure for years to come. Our hand-etched designs include beautiful flowers--daffodils, hydrangeas, long stem roses, and dogwood--as well as hummingbirds, intricate tracery, hearts, religious motifs and more. No matter where your mother’s tastes lay, we are sure to have a beautiful gift for her.

Quality Artistic Craftsmanship

At Wendell August Forge, we’re proud to honor our heritage of quality, artisan-driven craftsmanship, and we create gifts with value that you can feel in your own hands. All of our hand-etched designs are wrought to perfection in our Pennsylvania forge, using an eight-step process with roots in time-tested metalworking techniques. To achieve exceptional quality, we forge all of our designs using premium metals, and our heirloom-quality gifts are tailor-made for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

>Explore our complete selection of Mother’s Day gifts at Wendell August Forge today.

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